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Alloy(Xiamen) Co.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide alloy products, Toonney factory is located in coastal city Xiamen, Fujian province of China, workshops cover about 8000M2 totally in 3 floors, has the latest whole production line to get shaped/finishing tungsten carbide alloy rods/die/bar from tungsten carbide powder. Thanks to the high degree of automation, company runs efficiently with a 100 person staff. To convenience the customers in industrial concentration area, Toonney builds shops in selling ready stock tungsten alloy bars and rods in Changzhou of Jiangsu province and Dongguan of Guangdong province. 
Products series: 1, Tungsten carbide rods—solid rods, rods with coolant holes(one straight hole, two straight holes, three straight holes, double spiral holes, three spiral holes etc.), 2,Tungsten alloy bar. 3,Die and bushing—screw and bolt die, stretch drawing die, nail mould etc. 4, Flat blank. 5, Customized products in tungsten carbide alloy. For common use of tungsten rods, bars, blanks, dies, we develop 23 grades standard materials for options to different applications. Besides the standard products series, we also help and give customer with comprehensive solution in some special complicated situation.
High quality tungsten alloy products are ideal in applications where low thermal expansion, high density, high hardness, wear resistant, non-toxicity, corrosion resistant,  and high thermal conductivity materials are preferred. Welcome customers from all over the world to work and stay with us in this interesting and wide range industry!

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